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“The Woman with Golden Tears” – Gingerbread House Literary Magazine

“Gone, Ralph, Gone” – Cabinet of Heed


“Poetry as a Last Letter: Thomas James and his Influences Sylvia Plath and Georg Trakl” – “Perhaps James knew, on some deeper level, that he could, like a mummy, be preserved in his poetry, his pages wrapped tightly around him like linens.”

“Eyes Off Focus” – “The truth I hold onto is so slippery I do not dare print it for the world to question. Instead, I write around it. I circle and circle. I stuff a piece of it down a character’s throat. I hide a touch of it in a final line, like a splash of baby’s breath.”


Interview with Risa Denenberg – “Poetry is the political party I belong to. The poets in my life—alive or not, in workshop or on stage, in person or on social media—are my family.”