Smartish Pace – “Gone, Ralph, Gone” (forthcoming)

Automata – “All Our Little Ones” (forthcoming)


Poetry as a Last Letter: Thomas James and his Influences Sylvia Plath and Georg Trakl – “Perhaps James knew, on some deeper level, that he could, like a mummy, be preserved in his poetry, his pages wrapped tightly around him like linens.”


Author Spotlight: Millicent Borges Accardi – “Accardi’s poetry is the poetry of witness—of her innermost self, of the thoughts and feelings of others, of different cultures. Poets like her allow us to look outside ourselves and see not only our lives as interconnected but also the danger of ignorance of other cultures and experiences.”

Interview with George Singleton – “Younger writers—hell, old writers, too, for the most part—know a lot about love and hate, rebellion and its consequences, innocence and experience. For some reason, though, beginning writers seem to be, for the most part, enthralled with Death. Death, and people who vomit all the time, I’ve noticed.”

Interview with Bill Carty – “The truth is there is enough otherness within yourself and your surroundings from one moment to the next for plenty of poetry.”

Interview with Julie Christine Johnson – “I still feel like an imposter. Do artists ever lose that feeling? I think it’s often what pushes us on, never to take our work or our creativity for granted. What saved me was the work itself. The moment I sat down and committed myself to that day’s work, I lost myself in it.”

Interview with Elijah Burrell – “I have a creek I like to sit by. I live right near some rivers, so I like to go and watch them while I write. I have a dog, and there are some cows just off my backyard to keep me company if I’m lonely.”

Interview with Matthew Nienow – “I’m not trying to do something to be popular. Even though it’s hard to wait. I just try to remind myself that what matters more is the accumulation of events and successes that make a good life, not just being successful this year or next year.”

Interview with Melissa Eleftherion Carr – “This poor representation of ‘poetry’ to the public confirms the notion, particularly to young students, that poetry is not timely, not reflective of their diversified experiences, not present and certainly not cool. So I became outraged enough to figure out alternatives.”

Interview with Caroline Zancan – “I think you can do it all and have it all but not at the same time. So I kind of wrote this in a tornado, at the expense of a lot of my free time and perhaps sanity and quality of life, but in the months since it’s come out I’ve been enjoying life at a slower pace—there’s been a lot of drinking wine in the park in the middle of the day.”